The creative team of the architect studio AUGEO International has been an expert in the industry since the early 90s. Our architects, designers, engineers and urban planners formed the foundation of today’s AUGEO International that was established in 2004 in Riga.

We develop and bring to life projects of various complexity such as urban complexes, social, cultural and sports facilities, multi-storey residential houses, communication towers and masts.

Our portfolio includes projects in the Baltic States, Russia, Kazakhstan and Abkhazia. We are fully licensed and have certificates for all types of design work. In addition to this, in 2005 Augeo has successfully obtained the ISO 9000 Certificate.

We are open-minded and have individual approach to every client, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We are currently offering a full range of services in the following areas:
• Architectural design
• Design of structures
• Design of internal and external engineering networks
• Interior Design
• 3D Modeling
• Design of communication towers and masts
• Projects Coordination
• Author’s architectural control
• Author’s control Design
• Logistical support
• Consulting services
• Representing the interests of the Customer
• Selection of land for construction in Latvia

If you have any questions AUGEO International will give you the answers!!!